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What is ParaSpell✨

ParaSpell✨ focuses on enhancing XCM functionality along with Assets that the compatible Parachains implement, XYK pallet and HRMP pallet.

Why should I use ParaSpell✨?

Implementing XCM support into your dApp could be a complicated matter sometimes. Each Parachain can implement support for XCM their own way. ParaSpell✨ wrapped every compatible Parachain and did this research for you. In the end, saving time can be essential when delivering a product. Time never stops, so we all should use it wisely.

ParaSpell✨ divides into two parts which will be mentioned in docs:

  • XCM SDK, you can easily construct XCM messages in a matter of seconds
  • UI for XCM SDK, playing with local network and for Parachain developers to test their work

Project achievements so far

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